Die Tango-Lehrer Eric & Jeusa aus Bern

Jeusa Vasconcelos and Eric Müller are not only the pioneers of Argentinian Tango in Brasil but also in popular demand as guest teachers in many countries. Their style is influenced by the rythmically diverse Tango of the 30s and 40s and their claim to authenticity.
Drawing from 29 years of experience in performance and teaching, they place the understanding of the movement patterns specific to Tango at the centre of their work. Additional key aspects are interpretation of the music and a feeling for connectedness. All of this Eric and Jeusa teach in a very articulate yet sensitive way. On top of that, they are known for having teaching methods meeting the highest standards. Since a couple of years they are based in Berne/Switzerland where additional to their classes they organise a Milonga. (see the interview in the Tango magazine 'Tangodanza')

Eric Müller, born in Switzerland made first contact with Tango in 1985 during his formation in Dance Theatre in Bremen and Berlin. In 1986 he decided to spend a year in Buenos Aires to study Tango and the culture surrounding it. On his way back home he met Jeusa Vasconcelos in Rio de Janeiro.

Jeusa Vasconcelos made her decision to become a dancer at an early age and spent many years training in Rio de Janeiro. When she met Eric Müller in 1987 she was working for various Dance Companies, running a Dance School and studying Journalism. Simultaneously she started an intensive work partnership with Eric and a life for Tango.